Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Happy birthday 3

This little man (who looks awfully like his daddy in this picture) is one year old today. He has given his granny and grandad 365 days of pure joy.
Have a happy one Espen! See you soon!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A very happy birthday 2

Reidar had his 60th birthday on Saturday and we celebrated in style. I hired a local hall and invited over 40 people. Due to long distances, sickness (two in hospital and one sudden death!) we were 39 who sat down at my carefully decorated tables and enjoyed my bountiful ( a lot made and/or provided by friends and family) cold buffet. There were many speeches, a specially composed song in Reidar's honour, and several sketches performed by his acting friends. There was lots of laughter and constant chatter. No-one looked bored or left-out. Reidar especially loved the big screen with pictures of himself, and the slide-show of his acting career. I bought him a hat that looks like a birthday cake, complete with candles (musical too!) and he got lots of presents and flowers. He got enough cash to buy a very decent new computer. He smiled and chatted all evening and ate like a horse. We were able to give everyone the good news that the cancer specialist told us that the chemo is working and his tumour is greatly reduced in size. He'll start a new course of treatment on Thursday.
Planning the party was a lot of work and worry, but was one of the best I've been to, because there was so much entertainment. When I started I wanted to make it extra special because it could well be his last birthday, but now things are looking brighter I think he may have a few more birthdays yet - lots, I hope!