Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Back on track

Despite having my parade rained on (someone that thinks reading blogs can allow viruses to creep in )I've decided to carry on regardless, even if my fanclub is tiny but exclusive. Both computers at home are still very tja... skeptisk... about blogspot, but I can use the one at work, and look - it's outside office hours.
I was very flattered to hear that Karen has visited my humble blogsite (Hey, Karen!) and wish I'd got to meet Stepper when we were neighbours for three weeks. Give me your blog addresses so i can learn from the experts. My Tam does a pretty good job though...
Have a nice day, what's left of it.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Why is this happening to me? All weekend I've tried to log into Blogspot without success. The little box that gets filled up with a row of dots never gets more than half full no matter how long I wait. We tried installing Firefox, but thar didn't help. I tried to sneak in via Tamsin's blog, but it wouldn't let me - it wouldn't even let me comment on her blog. Now I'm at work, and I can waltz right in. What am I doing wrong? Advice please - apart from stop whinging

Desperate from L√łten

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Finding my feet

I've realised how I can use this blog. Instead of writing Dear Family letters, I can just write this like a journal and give the address to my family and friends. That way they can see how I'm getting on when and if they want to.
For instance, I could tell them how we've still got plenty of snow, although it's beginning slowly to melt. We had some very cold weather in February, with temperatures under -20 C. When it did creep up to a few minus degrees we got snow by the truckload, so there's plenty to get rid of. We're enjoying balmy days with 3 or 4 plus degrees, but it freezes rock-hard at night. The sun comes up and goes down around 6.30, giving us 6 1/2 hours more daylight than we had on the shortest day. There was a picture in the paper today of a little girl clutching the first wildflower of the year - something that makes us all feel optimistic. Easter is coming pretty soon, and after that we should be free of the white stuff for a few months.
I've been invited to be in the 17th of May Committee again this year. We'll still get to lead the National Day parade again, but most of it is practical hard work. There are 1200 children, each of which will get ice cream. We have to bag the ice creams according to school, classes or kindergarten.
We serve hot stew to the choirs and bands after the parade, and are responsible for hoisting flags and traffic control, as well as organising the actual parade. We also provide to speakers. I will not be holding a speech this year.
The revue group has already held a couple of script-writing meetings in preparation for the revue in the autumn. There will be a revue festival near Trondheim in July - two of Reidar's sketches have been submitted. we plan to go even if they're not selected. We're pretty excited about the trip to Edinburgh. 40 members of the revue group will be going, and we each pay just £100 towards expenses, otherwise the revue pays for everything - flight, hotel and just about all our meals. We'll be gone from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th of May, so I hope Robert, Claire and Sophie will still be able to come.
Oops! it's after midnight, so I'd better stop for now.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My very first entry ever

I've enjoyed reading Tamsin's two blogs, but have been too shy to write comments on them. I've always known that she has a way with words, a creative talent, a good sense of fun, which all combine to make very entertaining reading. Of course, it's inherited!
I have no plan about what I'll write about - time will tell.