Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Artistic talent

As usual I thoroughly enjoyed having lunch with Espen on Skype. He wasn't wild about the food, but when he was promised colouring if he finished his food, the last morsels were stuffed in his mouth so he looked like a cute hamster.

The crayons and paper were quickly found, and Espen sat up to the table like a big boy. His eyes shone with joy as the colours were tipped out on the table and he could begin to express himself on paper ( and on the crayon box -which makes a rather fetching pillbox hat, don't you think - as well as his face ). Maybe Picasso started like this - at the kitchen table, having the loveliest time with his mummy. Simple pleasures!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Morello cherries

This is my attempt at an artistic still-life.

I was eating cherries and had the dish on the sofa beside me. I was putting the pips and stalks neatly on a napkin, and I though "Wow! That looks nice! I'll take a photo."