Monday, 28 September 2009

Skype - wow!

I was lucky enough to borrow a laptop while I was away at rehabilitation (does that make me sound like a dried-out alcoholic in America? In Europe it's all about exercise and getting looked after in peaceful surroundings ). Anyway, I digress. The laptop was great, I could keep in touch with family and friends all over the place, and keep my brain active with plenty of solitaire. When I got home I was encouraged to keep it for a while, and eventually allowed to buy it. When I mailed Tamsin to tell her the good news, she wrote back, " Good, now you can have Skype". Yesterday evening, with telephone guidance from the ever-patient Nick, we installed it. Next thing I knew, I could see Tam and Nick, still in their sunday best - and they could see me - or us, because my excitement soon attracted Jeremy, and Reidar is magnetically attracted to any form of camera. How I wished I wasn't wearing my purple track-suit, how I wished I'd done my hair. But I'll be prepared next time. there will be silly hats, there may be fancy dress - who knows?
But how amazing is that? We can see each other while we talk. I will see my grandbaby as soon as it's born. I'm going to be at the baby-shower and can see all Tam's friends, and all the cute stuff she gets. what a difference this will make! Wow!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sophie - pioneer for a new generation

Sophie is my mother's first great-grandchild, my late sister's granddaughter, and the idol of the whole family.
She's just been to stay at Roseveth again - her dad Rob loves surfing, so a trip to Cornwall kills two birds with one stone. Until recently Sophie's been unsure of her great-grandmother, and has cried when too close. This visit however, was different. Rob, Claire and Sophie stay next door in my brother's house, and Sophie told my sister-in-law Annette:-
"I'm going to see my date danny".
She climbed up into the armchair next to my mother and announced:-
"I'm going to sit next to you".
She then proceded to tell about her visit to Paradise Park, a sort of petting zoo with lots of birds.
"I gave food to the sheep and goats, but not to the donkeys"
"I saw big pink birds"- Great-granny asked:- "Did they have long legs?"
"Yes, I think their legs were tired".
"I slid down a slide and the balls flew up in the air".
"I'm two". Her mother said:- "You'll be two-and a half next month". This information was gravely passed on to GG.
To my brother Richard:- "Move those papers off the sofa, I'm going to lie down".
I know kids say the darndest things all the time, but it warms my heart to hear how a simple thing like learning to speak has bridged four generations and a age-gap of 93 (and a half) years.
Gwenyth Zillah Wallis will be 96 in October. Sophie will be two and a half, but they can sit and chew the fat like old friends.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Barnebarn er livets dessert

I saw this expression in a magazine and liked it straight away. Grandchildren are Life's dessert. Imagine ploughing your way through the main course of life - Brussels sprouts and gristly bits and all, and just when you think there isn't any more, someone places a delicious serving of something sweet in front of you. I think there is fruit involved, because my forthcoming grandbaby has been compared to fruit since he/she was the size of a blueberry, when we first heard of his/her existence. We have gone though olives, plums, avocados, and last I heard, the great American onion. I wonder when the arms and legs grow out, so it's less round? It's very exciting though, knowing that there's a new little person in there, getting bigger and stronger day by day, with a mummy and daddy that are following every new development with bated breath.
Of course, I couldn't wait to start knitting soft white little things, and even bought a couple of pastel-coloured garments. Tamsin and Nick made their first purchases in Stockholm, and I was surprised by their choice of colours. Their whole house is almond-oil, for goodness sake! I imagined they'd go for delicate pastels and white. But no, this is going to be one psychodelic baby! They love bright colours and off-beat designs.
So if you're out walking in Spanish Fork in the Spring and you see a pram with a rainbow in it, that'll be my grandbaby!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Long time no write

Wow! a lot has happened since I last wrote. Tamsin and Nick have come and gone ( and it was so nice to have them here when we needed them most ) and Reidar and I have both had major surgery - on the same day in two different hospitals! Reidar is home again, with his very favourite sister plumping up his pillows and peeling his grapes. I'm recovering from my second total knee replacement in a lovely rehabilitation centre in the mountains. It's called Landaasen - Google it! My window has a view over the lake, and it's very peaceful. I'm here for a couple of weeks to get plenty of physio and training, and be pampered a bit, to build myself up for whatever may lay ahead as far as Reidar is concerned. He should be getting his last two chemo treatments to complete the first course. After that he waits a couple of weeks before taking new pictures to assess the effects of the treatment and decide what happens next. He seems to be in fairly good spirits, and coping with major changes in his life - like someone other than me making his breakfast.

Time to stop this and do some knee-bends...