Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Little North family

They arrived here three weeks ago today. We hadn't seen them since we visited them a year ago, but have had weekly contact via Skype. Espen has always been happy to talk to us and seemed to like us. When they arrived at the airport I was expecting some reticence on Espen's part - what with having travelled for 24 hours, and being confronted with two strange people. Imagine my joy when he saw me, beamed a delighted smile, shouted "Gi Gi" and stretched out his arms for me to hold him. Walking from the airport to the car with him in my arms was a magical moment. Since then we've spent a lot of time together and had endless amounts of fun. We make each other laugh. We like each other. Oh, Tamsin and Nick came too, and we've had a pretty busy schedule.
This evening they flew to Amsterdam to visit Nick's sister Tess. On Saturday they'll take a train to Brussels and spend the night there before taking the Eurostar (Channel tunnel train) to London, where we'll meet them. We're hiring a car for 9 days, and will travel down to Cornwall to visit my family before driving up for Robert and Claire's wedding on June 4th (our 34th wedding anniversary). Espen has been gone for only a few hours but I miss him already. However it is nice to have the time to take care of my sadly neglected household duties. Like writing my blogg.