Monday, 27 April 2009

Fleamarkets and flowers

We went to a local village hall that was holding a flea-market to raise funds. I found this large and very sturdy handbag, and some random clothes that I may or may not use, and it cost me 30 Kr, or 3 pounds or 4 dollars.It's just what I've been looking for, with lots of pockets inside, and room for a book, a spare pair of shoes, my camera, an umbrella or whatever. It will be perfect for our forthcoming trip to Edinburgh.
I was really on the lookout for some eggcups for Tamsin and Nick, because their home doesn't seem quite complete somehow. I eventually found these, which I thought were nice. I also found a rather unusual glass which appealed to me, so I bought it for Jeremy.
On the way home we drove through the country lanes, and the banks were spangled with pretty white wood-anemones (hvitveis) which are Tamsin's favourites, or at least I know she loves them and misses them. I didn't have a camera with me, so today. on our way to work I stopped and took a picture of the blue variety. I hope she enjoys seeing these.

What a fun day! After getting lots of bargains, eating lovely waffles with raspberry jam and sour cream, and seeing our first hvitveis, we stopped off at Arild's house and chatted about the Scotland trip. We also visited some neighbours, so spent a whole day doing frivolous things! Fun!


  1. A few things:

    1) I am naturally jealous of your leather handbag.
    2) Thank you for the egg cups! They are very cute.
    3) It seems like it would be easy to spill out of that glass.
    4) I love the blåveis photo. I keep clicking on it to make it big so I can gaze in wonder.

  2. On the way to Lillehammer today I saw heaps of hvitveis, which always make me think of you. Anne Mette must see them every day on her way to work.

  3. It's Aubrey! Love your blog! Truly appreciate including the British, American, and Norwegian. I learn a lot that way! How lovely that this way you and Tamsin can chit chat back and forth. Perhaps you can persuade my lovely mother to start when I go to Seattle we can chit chat too. Love to see what's going on with fabulous Anne. P.S. Wicked jealous that you get to go to Scotland...please post photos(:) When do you go?

  4. Hi Aubrey!
    just got back this evening, will write and show pictures. A blog would be a good way for your mother to see how you live your life, even though you'll be far away - just like my Tam does. Isn't she a good writer/blogger?

  5. You both are naturally interesting to read which takes talent mind! Seriously trying to take notes from you both on how to be more interesting. P.S. if I ever come up as Chandler on your blog it's because I forgot to enter myself.