Monday, 26 October 2009

Remember Sniff?

Five montha ago Sniff ( and Dennis and Bianca) arrived at our house totally out of the blue. Luckily we were able to find them good and happy homes. Sniff is the only one I've seen since, and I see him pretty often, because he lives with our good friends Arild and May Sissel and Snorre their other dachshound.
Sniff is such a happy chappie, full of energy and enthusiasm. He and Snorre are best friends - more like twins. They race around the house chasing one another and pretend-fighting over their toys. They live like little princes, with lots of love and attention, long walks and the best of everthing. Dachshounds have an excellent sense of smell, and these little guys have been trained to track. They have both won prizes, and the local authorities call Arild if an animal has been injured by a car and run off into the woods. The dogs soon track them down so their suffering can be ended. Snorre has been hunting with Arild this autumn, and was responsible for finding several of the moose that the hunting-team were allowed to shoot. Sniff is a specialist when it comes to tracking deer.
I'm not really a dog person, but these two just make my day every time I see them - and isn't Sniff beautiful?


  1. Herlig tekst, herlige bilder og herlige hunder! Vi elsker begge to! Mays

  2. They really are sweet little dogs. I don't want a dog myself, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying someone elses's!