Sunday, 24 January 2010


I was invited to a babyshower. It took place yesterday, so I gathered the gifts I have for the baby ( and his mother ) put on a pretty dress and a touch of lippy and was ready to go.... to my laptop, where I sat patiently waiting for Nick to connect to Skype. You see, I was in sunny L√łten, Norway, and the party was in Spanish Fork, Utah, USA.
I saw the guests sitting round the table (didn't get a close look at the refreshments, unfortunately!) and other places in Stepper's living-room, even saw Stepper's lovely little brand-new daughter Daphne.
When I got Tam's undivided attention I held up the gifts to show her what they'll get when I send them. I also got a look at her expanding "waist"-line. Having Skype means that they don't seem so far away. I felt like I was there at the party, and joined in the fun they were having.
When Sprinkle is born I'll see him straight away, and after that I'll see him as often as I like, so I can see him grow and develop. I'm so happy!


  1. We were so happy you could come! Everyone loved seeing you :)

  2. Agreed - though it was unfortunate that the picture kept going out. It was fun to have you there!

  3. Oh, I LOVE skype for this very reason! We used Skype to join my brother/siter-in-law/nephew/mom for Christmas! We were in Ohio, and they were all in Utah!

    I'm so excited for you to become a Grandmum! Congratulations!