Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The wonders of Skype

The day our grandson was born, on the other side of the world, we visited the new little family. We sat at Tamsin's bedside and gazed in wonder at little espen. He was unwrapped and displayed for our inspection and admiration. We saw him from all angles and heard his voice As it happened, i had a nasty head-cold that day, but it didn't matter because I was thousands of miles from breathing germs on the baby. It was such a thrill to feel that we were with them on that very special day.
Yesterday was a special day of a completely different kind. As one life starts, another one ends. Reidar's auntie Peggy died in England, aged 90. Reidar's mother, aged 89, was terribly disappointed that she wasn't well enough to travel to England for her sister's funeral. A niece got in touch with us and we arranged a Skype meeting. Yesterday we arrived at the rest-home where M-in-law is currently having physiotherapy, armed with a laptop and an order of service which we'd printed from the net. We sat in a quiet room, and at the appointed time got contact. Suddenly we were in the church , with all the relatives smiling and waving. Their camera was then placed on the front bench and the funeral service began. With his opening words the minister mentioned Auntie Bar, so she felt included. A letter she'd written to Peggy was read out. She joined in as the hymns were sung, she followed the readings in her bible. She nodded in agreement as Peggy's blessing was read. Afterwards all her nieces and their children came forward to speak to her. It was exactly as if she was present at the service.
Skype is wonderful!


  1. Anne, I am being talked through this by my son !

  2. All the very best to Espen David

  3. O.K. I am now on my own and making the big step unaided. Your son is just in the next room - mine is in the south of England. He is amazingly patient. I have left the three trials so you can see what I have been put through!! Please feel free to delete the nonsense. Take great care of yourselves.