Friday, 16 April 2010

To America or not to America - that is the question

We've been looking forward so much to our trip to America, counting first months, then weeks, and now days. The planning of what we're going to do while we're there, what we're going to pack, telling everyone we meet, and smugly accepting wishes for a great trip - all that's been taken away from us. Instead of "when we go" it's become "if we go". All because of some dust! Quite a lot of dust, actually, and of course we're not the only ones affected by this disaster, but it's rather taken the shine off the whoøe thing. My grandson will be shaving before we meet him!

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully the worst case scenario will be a pretty short delay of only a few days. I've heard that a lot of airlines are just letting people reschedule their flights, so hopefully that is the case with Delta too. Either way, you have got to come and soon because I want my mum!