Monday, 16 August 2010

A lovely holiday

Having my two favourite men ( after George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, who couldn't come with me) with me in my favourite place - St Ives - in beautiful sunshine, which we reached with a magical trainride along the coast, was like a little bit of heaven. Yes, it was full of tourists, and yes, you can smell the suntan lotion everywhere, and yes, the seagulls will try to snatch any foodstuffs you might unwisely carry in the street (like a scene from "The birds"), but the sheer beauty and charm of the place make it all worthwhile.

The streets are very winding and narrow, and cars do try to push their way through the crowds of pedestians, the houses are whitewashed or built of granite, with no room for gardens, but make up for it with an abundance of pots, window-boxes and hangingbaskets. There's even an old boat overflowing with flowers.

The blue of the sea, and the gold of the sand are breathtaking, and there are three sandy beaches right in the middle of town. We ate our lunch in a pub which was built in1312! It's right across the street from the beach and is probably the most well-known building in St Ives, although those interested in art would know about the Tate of the West, Barbara Hepworth's house and Bern
ard Leach's pottery.
Sorry to sound like a tourist guide, but this is a wonderful place that I love - a lot!

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