Thursday, 7 October 2010

Skyping with Espen (and Tamsin!)

I haven't held him in my arms since May, when he was only 12 weeks old, but thanks to Skype I see him every week, he hears my voice, and now I think he sees my face and we have begun to communicate. When he was tiny, he looked round to see where the voice was coming from, but now he seems to know. Through the wonders of modern technology I've been able to watch his growth and development. I've seen his first tooth (with accompanying grumpiness, red cheek and dribble) I've seen his triumph at being able to turn himself over or reach for a toy. I've heard his giggles and chirps. I can see when he's tited, almost before his mother.
His eager expression in this picture is not entirely for Granny, more for the computer with exciting cables and keyboard. I don't mind - I can see, from the other side of the world, that he's a chip off the old block.


  1. He's always so much more interested in the laptop when you're inside of it. It makes me wonder if he'll recognize you as the person he talks to every week the next time he sees you in person?

  2. It must be grand to be a granny! I am just a mommy right now but some day I look forward to the whole spoiling part!

  3. We LOVE Skype! I had my second baby in Egypt and my mom didn't get to meet her until she (the baby, not my mom) was eight months old. But we held weekly Skype-dates. It was so awesome because when people came to visit us our older daughter would run straight into their arms, shouting their names, and giving them a great big hug. It's kind of like what I imagine would happen if Big Bird walked through the door. :)

    It's hard to be far away from is so wonderful!

    --A Friend of Tamsin's

  4. Hi Tamsin's mum: I am Nancy's mom. Yuppers, Nancy is right--we totally loved Skype while Nancy was living in Egypt.

    Tamsin seems like a very neat girl. I haven't met her, but I do read her blog often, and I am glad she is Nancy's friend.

  5. Well, I just feel jealous. Because I have never been to Norway, England, or Egypt. Nor do I have Skype.

    But I am definitely a member of the Espen fan club.