Friday, 18 March 2011


On the same day that Japan had their earthquake, we had an equally devastating experience. As a child Jeremy had mild epilepsy, but after the first tablet had no more attacks for over 20 years - until Wednesday 9th March, when he had such a massive seizure that he managed to fracture and dislocate both shoulders, while sitting on the sofa! The attack lasted so long that we needed an ambulance, and he needed drugs to stop it. He was taken to the hospital in Lillehammer ( a good hour's drive from here) because they have a good neurological department there. The severe spasms made his muscles give off an enzyme that was at such a high level that he was in danger of kidney failure. He also inhaled food or vomit during the attack, so had pneumonia. He was in intensive care for the next four days, and was barely conscious for the first two. When he was well enough to be moved he was transferred to the neurological ward where all sorts of tests were done. His shoulders have been very painful, so he needs to keep them as still as possible until Tuesday, when he gets an operation. His left shoulder is a mess, so he may need an artificial joint, and he has been told that his shoulders will never be the same again.
So there he is, patiently waiting for things to happen, desperately hoping to be well enough for our planned trip to England 6th April, and having plenty of time to ponder on what the future will be like.
Poor Jeremy!

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