Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sophie - pioneer for a new generation

Sophie is my mother's first great-grandchild, my late sister's granddaughter, and the idol of the whole family.
She's just been to stay at Roseveth again - her dad Rob loves surfing, so a trip to Cornwall kills two birds with one stone. Until recently Sophie's been unsure of her great-grandmother, and has cried when too close. This visit however, was different. Rob, Claire and Sophie stay next door in my brother's house, and Sophie told my sister-in-law Annette:-
"I'm going to see my date danny".
She climbed up into the armchair next to my mother and announced:-
"I'm going to sit next to you".
She then proceded to tell about her visit to Paradise Park, a sort of petting zoo with lots of birds.
"I gave food to the sheep and goats, but not to the donkeys"
"I saw big pink birds"- Great-granny asked:- "Did they have long legs?"
"Yes, I think their legs were tired".
"I slid down a slide and the balls flew up in the air".
"I'm two". Her mother said:- "You'll be two-and a half next month". This information was gravely passed on to GG.
To my brother Richard:- "Move those papers off the sofa, I'm going to lie down".
I know kids say the darndest things all the time, but it warms my heart to hear how a simple thing like learning to speak has bridged four generations and a age-gap of 93 (and a half) years.
Gwenyth Zillah Wallis will be 96 in October. Sophie will be two and a half, but they can sit and chew the fat like old friends.


  1. I can't believe she's almost three and I haven't even met her yet.

  2. Soon Sophie won't be the only one - she's going to be a big sister in March, I'm going to be a first-time granny in February, and my brother Richard is getting his first grandchild around Christmas. Let's hear it for the new generation! Yay!

  3. Oh, so sweet. I can just hear the little British accent!! That is one of my most favorite things--Little ones with British accents!! For a while Ivy was saying, "Water" and "Tomato" with an accent. (My mum's coaching as well as Charlie and Lola.) It's gone now I'm afraid. Boo hoo. How are you feeling? And Reidar? I'll get the low down from Tamsin on Friday I hope.

  4. We're muddling along, one day at a time. In my case getting a right leg that's stronger and straighter every day - thanks to a sadistic physiotherapist.
    Aubrey, I loved that you did all that work in Reidar's honour. We were both very touched. I bet your mum was glad too!
    I love to sneak a look at your blog - it's always funny, and you obviously live and breathe for your lovely family. Keep reading to them, even when they can read for themselves. That special time spent reading together at bedtime was a time of peace and harmony, and my children never ever got out of bed once they'd got in. They became avid readers, but we still read the classics together until they were quite big.

  5. We just love you guys! And I'm not going to pass up any wise woman advice from you so you can keep dishing it out--I'm all ears!