Thursday, 21 May 2009

En dachstur

En dagstur is a day's march, so a dachstur is a walk taken with a dachshund. We were invited to join the Hedmark Dachshundklubb on a walk to Mosjøkøien in Løten. We walked for about an hour until we reached the lake, where we sat down to rest and eat our picnic. Eva Moen asked me to mind her two miniatures while she took a picture, and little Bitten climbed onto my lap and settled down. It was an enjoyable walk, but I was glad I had my stick. Reidar thoroughly enjoyed himself.


  1. Very cute.

    I was thinking about Mosjørunden the other day, and how it is a nice walk.

  2. Also, Bitten is quite a funny name for a dog in English :)