Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Our Highland Fling


We went on a long weekend trip to Edinburgh with Reidar's amateur theatre group - 40 of us in all. On the first day we were turned loose to explore the city by ourselves. We had Sissel Sjølaas with us. We strolled down from the castle along the famous Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace, past more kilt-shops and pubs than you can shake a stick at. We stopped at the Tollbooth Tavern for lunch. The bar was dark and reeked of sour old beer, but the dining room was brighter and the food good. It's been a tavern since 1820.

We also stopped at a second-hand bookshop which sold childrens' books and comics, some of which were even older than me! We didn't buy anything (steep prices ) but it was fun to look.
We decided to save Holyrood Palace for Saturday, and instead, tired and footsore, got onto an open-topped tourist bus, which took us for an hour's tour of the city.
In the evening we all went to the Scotch Whiskey Heritage Centre for dinner. We had a private dining room, which was probably a good thing because Nordbygdarevyen can be an enthusiastic group when they've had a glass of something and feel more at home. We started with potted ham, had lamb rump as the main course, and finished with a chocolate dessert that was so rich that some people were defeated by it. I ate mine - well, it's only good manners....
Another installment soon.

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  1. This is way off topic but the old children's book shop reminded me that my girls absolutely adore those children's books that you gave them! Right now they are Rose's favorites. Thanks! Jealous of your fab journey!